New Residents to Willunga



Under the auspices of the Willunga Business & Tourism Association and funded by the City of Onkaparinga, a group of residents has produced a ‘Welcome to Willunga’ kit to help newcomers to integrate quickly and happily. It lists the special interest groups, clubs, products and services available locally, and also tells something about the town’s history and the events that take place here. The kit includes a specially created 2018 calendar, which is both fun and informative, and a copy of the Discover Willunga magazine.

The group offers to provide each new family with a personal ‘ambassador’, who will supply information that can assist them to make the connections they need to feel part of our community. We encourage real estate agents and neighbours to tell newcomers about this initiative but we will only make contact if a new resident invites us to do so.

A member of our group will then visit to discuss what they would like to know, as well as finding out about the family’s interests and needs. The ‘ambassador’ will return a few days later with a tailored kit containing information that is relevant to the particular family. Newcomers will also receive some free tickets for local events and other discount vouchers.

If you would like to be welcomed in this way OR if you would like to become one of our ‘ambassadors’, please contact:

Mr Brian Dempsey
Phone 8556 4160
Mobile 0418 807 529

Ms Chris Horsman
Phone 8556 2897
Mobile 0438 131 049

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